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Master Your Marketing: A 90-Minute AI Crash Course Unlike Any Other

Hear From Others
Just Like You

Hear From Others Just Like You

Michael Caito, EO Sponsor
CEO MAP Vital Factors

"Scott blew my mind! In a matter of minutes, he cut to the chase and got his arms around my business, helped me nail my niche, message and reveal a brand new approach to drive on-demand leads for my business. So much value, I’d highly recommend!"

Kip Boyle, EO Member,
Cyber Risk Opportunities

"Scott took what to me looked like a wildly complex and complicated topic and transformed it into something that is structured and practical. He opened a door for me that I could not. Thank you!"

Hollis Nolan, EO Member
Founder, Insight SoftMax

"The biggest take-away I got from working with Scott...is the energy. He's helped me to my target customer from "the best of the past" to "the best of the future", which is having transformative effects throughout my entire marketing plan"

Yuko Tsuchida, EO Member,
Hito, LLC

"Scott provided thoughtful insights and feedback to improve our marketing message and strategy. He was happy to take an in-depth look at any topic to ensure our understanding, so that we could modify our marketing messages to better appeal to our customers."

Michael Elliot, EOA Member
Founder Rocket Dog Communications

"The workshop is a phenomenal resource that helped me target potential clients. I’d highly recommend working with Scott and his team and joining his Social Media training classes."

Julia Mostovaya, EO Business
Reliant Parking

"We didn’t know where to start, but the workshop showed me exactly what to do, where to start, what to say and how to get it done. Thank you!"

What You Will Learn: Master Your Marketing - A 90-Minute AI Crash Course

Join industry veteran Scott Empringham in his mind-blowing, jaw-dropping 90-minute masterclass, "Master Your Marketing: A 90-Minute Crash Course". 
You will be spellbound as Scott shares his own personal journey of losing his digital marketing agency and how he rebuilt it in just 90 days with nothing but his iPhone, social media, and AI tools.

Scott, a 20-year industry veteran, teaches business owners struggling with where to start with A.I., how to leverage AI tools, and how to get their marketing plan, calendar, emails, blogs, ads and content, video scripts and more DONE in minutes (not months).

He is not a futurist or a theorist, but instead teaches practical, usable prompts and frameworks that business owners can use IMMEDIATELY to help them get customers. 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Scott's real-world experience and take your business to the next level.

Founder/CEO Empringham Media Group, LLC

For more than 20 years my passion has been helping big and small businesses BREAKTHROUGH the clutter -- using digital marketing and social media -- to drive results in areas that matter most: awareness, interest, leads and sales.

Awards: Social Media Award Winner: Best Use of Facebook, Best Use of Technology

Credentials: Built $10 Million+ Social Media Agency.

: Generated more than 1,000,000 leads and sold over $1Billion worth of vehicles using Facebook, alone